Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hello and good morning! This week was beautiful. Many times I have been able to witness the hand of the Lord in this His great work. This past week Elder Smith and I had a touching and powerful experience. We drove to an apt. about 8 miles out who was not home. Elder Smith felt we should walk so we began to walk. Not even 500 feet out, we saw a lady mowing her lawn. We figured she must have been struggling as this lawn was full of big weeds and grass 1-3 feet tall as if it had not been mowed all year. We walked up and offered to help as the mower died on her. She came to us and asked, "What for?" We related to her that we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Her countenance changed. She began to shake and tears began to roll down her face. She said to us, "I have been crying and praying for help. I have been so sick and I need a break." Her mother came over and asked what happened and we told her we were there to serve. They gladly allowed us to mow the lawn/field. We mowed, what my guess would be, 1-2 acres of 1-3 ft tall grass and weeds. It took us a good 1 1/2 hours. We were grateful for the opportunity to be put on what President Thomas S. Monson would call, "The Lords Errand." I know that our Heavenly Father watches us and is aware of our wants and our needs.
I hope you all look and pray for opportunities to serve others. They are the greatest opportunities. 
We began teaching 3 new people this week. All of whom have great potential and light ahead of them as they follow the gospel.
Our sacrament meeting talks were excellent yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. The first lady who spoke is a convert of about three years, with her husband, who is already in the branch presidency at 3 years. She compared the game of Monopoly to our life on earth. How in Monopoly we can acquire the greatest wealth, or be completely broke, but as soon as the game ends it all goes back in the box. She compared this to how in life we can acquire great worldly possessions or be completely broke but as soon as this life ends it all disappears and has no meaning. She focused on how we must spend time and effort on things of eternal worth. It was powerful the way she presented it. 
The second talk was on love and a part touched me. This lady taught us that Love in Hebrew means "I give". When we love the Lord or others we are giving of ourselves something. This made the word love to me much more deep and meaningful.

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