Thursday, March 9, 2017

We have transfers this week, I will be staying and my new companion will be Elder Fuller which I am super excited about, he is an incredible missionary! Elder Tingey will not be going far, he is going right next door to Hamilton, fun stuff! I am excited for next transfer, it will be a transfer of turning to God and allowing him to work miracles through us. I am excited to my best to humble myself and turn to God while aligning myself with my purpose which is to teach repentance and baptize converts, it is a great work!
 I love the scriptures my good friends, when we read them with real intent and with a prayer in our hearts, they open the windows to revelation and we may seek the will of God, and he will reveal things to us! I love the Book of Mormon, because this is Gods work going forth not mine. He has given us the Book of Mormon and commanded us to use it to share the restored gospel, to help others come unto Christ. In the process of doing so Christ has been changing me, he has converted me to his gospel and I love and cherish it with my whole heart. My good friends if you are not already doing so, I would invite you to begin to study and pray on the Book of Mormon daily, I promise if you do you will feel the light of God enter into your life, you will feel the joy of the gospel and repentance, and Heavenly Father will bless you with the ability to become like Christ. I love you all and hope you have a miraculous week!
What a beautiful week here in Fairfield Ohio! We have had some absurd weather, it went from 80 degrees one day to 35 and snowy the next, its making everyone sick! :P But it has been very enjoyable as well, change is nice.
This week Anna and Rasheen came to church!!! And they brought their 3 beautiful young children, they were all so cute and well behaved. They both loved church, found people they know pretty well and want to come back next week. We also had a member who knew them well go up to them and invite them to dinner at her home next Sunday, way for her to be a member missionary! We are excited, they are progressing and she wants to be sealed in the temple :)
I am now serving with Elder Fuller and it is great, he is a stellar missionary. He is so sincere and kind, I am very much enjoying serving with him, I am learning a lot. 
While preparing for a lesson with a couple of investigators we watched this video        and I felt the spirit so strong as I watched it. I love being able to know that I am a son of God, it is amazing the change that has happened and is continuing to change as I feel my Heavenly Fathers love for me more and more each day. When we feel of Gods love we know that we deserve respect and love from others, we don't need to sell ourselves short. If you do not feel your Fathers love or the love of your Savior Jesus Christ I would invite you to ask him if he loves you, ask him to show his love to you. Be diligent, keep praying and asking and I promise you in the name of the Lord you will change as you begin to feel of his love in your life.
This past week I felt a great sense of humility, that no matter how hard we try, no matter how much we do on our own. Unless we turn to the Lord and do his work in his way, our time, energy, and efforts will amount to little. As we turn to the Lord he will show us how to do his work, he knows how to do it! As we align ourselves with his will and focus on our purpose we will feel the great joy of missionary work and see the hand of the Lord in every aspect of our lives and missionary work.
I love missionary work, it is so amazing and joyful. Rasheen and Anna are doing great! They came to church again and we had a lesson (10 Commandments +pray as family) at the Hoffarts home Sunday evening after dinner. It is so great seeing the members reach out to those non-members and less actives.  Sister Colonel came again and brought 2 sons this time Will and Henry, it was so great to see them. It is fun working with Will each Sunday morning in preparing him to be baptized.
The gospel is so great brothers and sisters, when we choose to live it (John 7:17) we come to understand why it is a joyful thing. I am grateful for the gospel, I am grateful for the change that Jesus Christ has wrought in my heart. I hope you all are able to witness miracles and feel of Heavenly Fathers love for you this week.
Love, Elder Silotti