Monday, January 25, 2016

This training we had this week was neat! It was the first world wide training the church has conducted in over a decade. There was an overall focus on "We preach repentace, and baptize converts." It was powerful, but we learned a lot about exactly what is in Preach my Gospel. Which means, we are probably not following and reading Preach my Gospel like we should. I know I try to follow it as best as I know, but I rarely read it. We should read it daily but I read it 1-2 times a week briefly. Which is a NO NO! So I have commited to reading it daily.

One cool experience we had, we were biking by this home and I felt prompted to knock, so we did, and he was super nice but he wasn't very interested. Which was sad seeing that he had a full family with kids running all around.  We left and 2 days later I felt another strong prompting, "Go to the house again and bring a Proclamation of the Family with your testimony on it." So I did, and we knocked on the home, and nobody answered. We were about to leave and he pulled into the driveway. And they invited us into their home and for dinner. We would have loved to stay for dinner but had another appointment we had to make. They would not allow us to share much of a mesage for fear of sharing "false Doctrine" to his children, but said he wanted to learn more. So hopefully he will allow us back some time!

Love you all and have a great week! Transfers are on the 2nd!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

This week there isn't a whole ton. But we had a super good training this last week (9 hours about). We talked a lot about patterns of the Book of Mormon and the things we learned and were prompted to do. We talked a lot about following promptings of the spirit every time and's hard to never deny a generous thought but I've been doing my best. :)

Then this Sunday I was at church and 3 minutes before sacrament the counsel pulls me aside and lets me know both adult speakers weren't going to make it... so he asked me to speak on the plan of salvation. Haha! I started shaking like a scared duckling! But I did it and they seemed to enjoy it. I got a few compliments. But you know how people are. ;)

But I enjoyed it and it gave me an opportunity to test my faith. :)

We have  a big world wide mission training on Wednesday and I'm super excited!
Have a great week!

Monday, January 11, 2016

This week was pretty good. We had quite a few members come out with us to some lessons and it was really good. :) They make such a huge difference! As for the baptism that was supposed to happen 2 Thursdays ago, but no it did not because of her parents. She has kind of given up even though we received revelation that she could be baptized this coming week. But she does have her free agency. Which is sad cuz the Lord was going to make things possible with her parents. But we will see.

As for things with my companion he is still very up and down. He is very rude when he is in his bad moods, which is quite often. Example: we have snow now so the sidewalks are icy and snowy and slippery and we are on bikes. We were just barely heading out to the library to email and he slips and starts yelling and says to me, "Why do we have to email? We should just stay inside and not leave today!" Then I respond with, "Because I have family and friends I desire and am supposed to talk with. (Well I'm supposed to email my parents, it's not required for friends). And he says to me, "Well, I don't care what you want!" And storms off. But oh well. He is slowly getting better. Anyways, this week was pretty good. Love ya!

Also, have you put any money in my account? My bike is having more problems. Have a great week!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Hey everybody! Sorry it's been so long since I have emailed. There has been a lot of struggles with my companion and it has made it super hard to get much time at all to email. But that is okay. 

So this last week our mission was told to stay in from Friday at 6pm till Saturday at 12 and work on letters that our mission president put together. And we opened our letter Saturday morning and it said, Today we are going to read the whole Book of Mormon in one day. Mark things to increase your faith and examples of Gods love to his children. And wow. It was HARD! But we did do it! And I finished by 10pm so it took me 12 hours and it was exhausting, spiritual, and amazing! It was neat to see the whole Book of Mormon unfold before my eyes, literally.  
As for our investigator, Jenny Gray, who was supposed to be baptised on Thursday, she is no longer going to be baptised because she needs to have her parents permission. She is 27 but her parents have partial guardianship because she was suicidal at points and the govt. gave her parents guardianship and they will not allow her to be baptised. So, for now, just keep her in your prayers that things will work out. She has such a desire to be baptised still and has changed so much!

ALSO! I have decided I'm going to be healthier. After a couple of weeks eating way to much junk I've decided it needs to stop! Haha! So I invite all to now send me potatoes or something healthy instead. ;) But I'm not going to take away anybody's agency. That would be Satans plan. Love you all!