Friday, January 8, 2016

Hey everybody! Sorry it's been so long since I have emailed. There has been a lot of struggles with my companion and it has made it super hard to get much time at all to email. But that is okay. 

So this last week our mission was told to stay in from Friday at 6pm till Saturday at 12 and work on letters that our mission president put together. And we opened our letter Saturday morning and it said, Today we are going to read the whole Book of Mormon in one day. Mark things to increase your faith and examples of Gods love to his children. And wow. It was HARD! But we did do it! And I finished by 10pm so it took me 12 hours and it was exhausting, spiritual, and amazing! It was neat to see the whole Book of Mormon unfold before my eyes, literally.  
As for our investigator, Jenny Gray, who was supposed to be baptised on Thursday, she is no longer going to be baptised because she needs to have her parents permission. She is 27 but her parents have partial guardianship because she was suicidal at points and the govt. gave her parents guardianship and they will not allow her to be baptised. So, for now, just keep her in your prayers that things will work out. She has such a desire to be baptised still and has changed so much!

ALSO! I have decided I'm going to be healthier. After a couple of weeks eating way to much junk I've decided it needs to stop! Haha! So I invite all to now send me potatoes or something healthy instead. ;) But I'm not going to take away anybody's agency. That would be Satans plan. Love you all!

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