Monday, November 21, 2016

Last night we went to our General Stake Priesthood meeting and had a marvelous time! One thing which stuck out to me was when the Patriarch got up and bore his testimony. The spirit truly burned in his heart as he spoke and I felt it. One of the things he mentioned was how his testimony grows when he sees others have a change in their heart as they come to recognize Jesus Christ and his gospel. Well, we have been working with a returning member named Chris, he hadn't been to church in 10 years and actually told his wife, less than a year ago, when she started to go, "Well this church may be the cause of our divorce." Well, we started to meet with him and he has been to church 2x. He came to the Priesthood meeting and had a heart changing experience. He apologized for being hesitant and was ready to jump full in and expressed how much love he felt as well. It was a great week! :D

Monday, November 14, 2016

This week we had Zone Conference which I love so much! It was inspiring, motivating and changed my mission. In a talk I read one time the speaker speaks of going into general conference or sacrament or other meetings with a jug waiting to be filled. In other words, go in with many questions and desires of the heart, then search for the answers and give thanks afterwords. Well, I went in with an empty jug waiting for it to fill and it did just that. I was starting to feel the past week that though I still loved the work that fire wasn't there as strongly as I often feel it. It had dimmed a little bit. I thought it was because I was not being authentic but that was not quite all of the reason why. Though it is a big part of the problem. As Elder Westover and I were speaking that evening it was revealed to me that the reason my fire was dimming is I was not having any experiences with the Atonement and repentance that week. It goes back to that phrase on like page 2 or so, as your understanding of the Atonement increases so will your desire to preach the gospel. I testify of that and this week I have been working hard to be more authentic in all I do. Apply the gospel and repent constantly at every opportunity I recognize. I feel Joyful and my fire is back on!  So I invite you all, if you are not feeling a bright Joy in the gospel at this time, figure out what is holding you back from experiencing the atonement regularly and repent and work towards a better you.
Love you all!
Oh! Also, thank you all so much for the many happy birthday wishes and cards! They are much appreciated. I had an amazing 20th.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

This week went really well. One of the prospective Elders, whom we are working with, came to church for the 2nd time in 10 years. It is great to see him exercising his faith in his Savior. Also we are now working with a wonderful family, the Pearls. It is both parents, with 2 daughters and a few weeks old son, Payton, who is adorable. What a cutie! Can't wait till I have my own family. I am still as baby and family hungry as I was before the mission. If not worse. It's rough telling everyone about how great eternal families are and not having your own. Haha! Except for you guys, of course. You know what I mean though. But it's okay. I can control it and am doing a pretty good job I feel. ;)  We have really been getting blessed though to work with a lot of families in this area. It is such a great thing. I love it and am grateful to God for it.