Monday, October 24, 2016

This week went amazing. I will copy and paste from my email with President Welch so you can read more about it in detail. I love the new area. I was so excited to come here and it has been amazing.  My new companion is Elder Westover. He is from Weiser, Idaho. He is a farm boy who is very hard working. Cool fact, he graduated a year early from high school, he came out here at 18. He was on the wrestling team, took Jui-Jitzu classes and loved to shoot guns and do outdoor things. He also loves to work out so morning workouts get pretty wet. We pretty much take a pre-shower before our shower.  Being a trainer is great. I love it! We do have a car every other week. We switch with Angola. Our address is  1000 Old Brick Rd. Apt. #214, Auburn, IN  46706. I love the place. We are in an upstairs apartment. It needed a bit of cleaning. We are purging the place and it is feeling/looking much much better.
I loved this week, I was able to see time and time again the Lords hand in his work. I have been trying my best to follow every prompting, to always pray when I feel we need guidance or strength, when I am thankful etc... and the spirit has been filling our hearts and this area. We have been receiving so many blessings this week, though we were doubled in that did not stop us because we both know, that if we turn to the Lord and act when prompted, he will guide us where we need to be. We have been blessed with 4 wonderful new investigators and 11 referrals, a few of which were from members and are now some of those new investigators. We have been speaking to everybody and the first day my wonderful companion was willing to be the one to strike up a couple of conversations whether on the street or door approaches etc... I am so proud of him, he is dedicated, motivated, and powerful. Expect great things from Elder Westover, I am confident he will surprise you many times. I could not have been blessed with a greater companion at this time and I feel a great sense of trust from you and the Lord at this time, I am grateful for that. I also know the Lord hears and answers every prayer, there were a few weaker points I wanted to strengthen and he has exactly those things needed to help me grow.
2 awesome miracles. 
1) We received a call about 9:30 from a guy named John who kind of frantic and wanted to meet up as he had just been kicked out of his apartment, I think that is what he said. We set a time for 2:00pm to go see him, 12:50 came around and he called again urging us to come sooner but with no good reason from what he told us. Our 1:00pm apt was a no show, so we went to meet him at the Library and called him on the way, he was excited and said he would be there in 10 minutes. We get there, and call him. No answer, we shoot him a text. No answer... We walk around, in the library and then come out, he is still not there and its been around 20 minutes, we tried calling again with no answer. We felt prompted to walk around the building, as we did we saw a house across the street and I knew we needed to knock on that door. So we did, a 13 year old (Breanna) opens the door and states "hold on, my mom usually meets with you guys". After 5 minutes her mom comes down and speaks with us, not 10 minutes into our conversation she has told us "Im not joining the mormon church" "my uncle is a mormon" "you guys tried by for a year before i let you in last time" well she said she was not interested. With a few inspired questions she opened up about her past few weeks which have been rough, I felt to share how we came to knock on her door and she immediately began to tear up and express how she had been praying for Gods help and knows God sent us to her. Minutes later she said to us "Okay, you guys can come back, I am going to give it a shot because I know God sent you, I also want my children to join us". Then she began to grab food and water for us to eat as we had not had lunch and invited us over Sunday for lunch. (had to reschedule). This experience was a miracle, we have tried calling john multiple times with no answer and I know "John" was one of the Lord servants urging us to get to Garrett so we could speak to one of his so loved daughters.
2) Last night we were driving around with 40 or so minutes left to find something to do. We drove around for a moment and pulled over to get out and speak to a couple people with all rejections, as we headed towards the apartment area we felt prompted to park and get out and start speaking to whomever we could find, so we did. We desired that the Lord would give us the opportunity to share the gospel with atleast 1 more person, after one attempt and rejection Elder Westover says "lets go speak to her!" We walk up to her and ask, can we speak with you for a minute and share a quick scripture. "Sure" she says and sits down on the steps with us, and we begin to feel the spirit enter her heart as we shared about Jesus Christ and how she can come to know of him and the truth of all things by the power and influence of the Holy Ghost which we taught about, she was smiling brightly as she was enlightened to a new understanding and recognition more fully of Gods love for her. I know the Lord will provide us with his Children if we are willing to follow the spirit, I am grateful for that, I love him.
I hope you have an amazing week, I love you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Things are going great here in Hamilton. Elder Glad and I are both being transferred tomorrow and I am training! :D I am going up to Kendallville, Indiana which is right below Angola. I am sooo excited! I love that place!!! :D It is going to be the best!
The other day I was studying John 17, the Lord's intercessory prayer, and I came upon a verse and a quote. John 17:16. "They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world." The quote is by David O. McKay and is one of my new favorite quotes. "This question of being in the world but not of it is a question of increasing concern. The world is ever shrinking in size and we come ever closer to the influence and attitudes of others and there are ever more compelling pressures to be as other are, to do as others do, with questions of compromise and of preserving principles. How far to go, how different to be, how to live comfortably among men? One of life's most important problems is learning to get along with the people with whom we live in the world without compromising our principles. One of the plausible ways of getting along with people is to make concessions pertaining to principles or to go the way of the world. "Abandoning principles is no solution to the problem of getting along with people. Indeed, it is false and foolish to suppose that compromising principles will win the respect or acceptance of anyone. Compromising principles isn't getting along with people; it is simply surrender; it is simply self-betrayal. And he who betrays himself is never solidly accepted or respected anywhere by anyone." (Conference Report, April 1959)
I know that what is said in this quote is true. I look back on my life and wish many times that I did not lower my standards or compromise who I was, even on the mission! So I just want to invite you all to remember who you are. To remember that you are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father and that you have the potential to become like him. In order to become like him though, we have to act like him. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Monday, October 10, 2016

This week we have interviews with President and Sister Welch. Those 2 are so amazing. I love them! 
Also this week Elder Glad and I and our group twig leader, Brother Martin, held a funeral service at the church for an investigators friends family. It was sad. It was my first funeral I have been too and knowing that they don't know about the plan of salvation was the tough part. We both said a prayer in the program and I read the obituary and dedicated the grave. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

Conference was amazing!!! I loved it so much, but I did get to hear Elder Holland speak so I didn't feel ripped off, though I wouldn't mind hearing him speak more haha! I would need to relisten to and review my notes to know which would be a solid favorite. I really enjoyed Pres. Uchtdorfs first talk though. I loved his quote, "We are of the royal house of Elohim the most high God." It is interesting if you look in the Hebrew or Greek (can't remember which) Elohim actually means Gods. So it may mean Father and Mother when we say Elohim. If you read in Genesis it says and they shall be one flesh, speaking of Adam and Eve when married. So I learned about that and it's not official doctrine but I personally feel it is right. And I learned that a couple days prior to conference which made that statement to me so much more powerful! I really enjoyed also the 2nd or 3rd speaker, it was the lady that spoke on prayer, wow that was a beautiful talk, so powerful!