Monday, October 10, 2016

Conference was amazing!!! I loved it so much, but I did get to hear Elder Holland speak so I didn't feel ripped off, though I wouldn't mind hearing him speak more haha! I would need to relisten to and review my notes to know which would be a solid favorite. I really enjoyed Pres. Uchtdorfs first talk though. I loved his quote, "We are of the royal house of Elohim the most high God." It is interesting if you look in the Hebrew or Greek (can't remember which) Elohim actually means Gods. So it may mean Father and Mother when we say Elohim. If you read in Genesis it says and they shall be one flesh, speaking of Adam and Eve when married. So I learned about that and it's not official doctrine but I personally feel it is right. And I learned that a couple days prior to conference which made that statement to me so much more powerful! I really enjoyed also the 2nd or 3rd speaker, it was the lady that spoke on prayer, wow that was a beautiful talk, so powerful!

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