Monday, January 25, 2016

This training we had this week was neat! It was the first world wide training the church has conducted in over a decade. There was an overall focus on "We preach repentace, and baptize converts." It was powerful, but we learned a lot about exactly what is in Preach my Gospel. Which means, we are probably not following and reading Preach my Gospel like we should. I know I try to follow it as best as I know, but I rarely read it. We should read it daily but I read it 1-2 times a week briefly. Which is a NO NO! So I have commited to reading it daily.

One cool experience we had, we were biking by this home and I felt prompted to knock, so we did, and he was super nice but he wasn't very interested. Which was sad seeing that he had a full family with kids running all around.  We left and 2 days later I felt another strong prompting, "Go to the house again and bring a Proclamation of the Family with your testimony on it." So I did, and we knocked on the home, and nobody answered. We were about to leave and he pulled into the driveway. And they invited us into their home and for dinner. We would have loved to stay for dinner but had another appointment we had to make. They would not allow us to share much of a mesage for fear of sharing "false Doctrine" to his children, but said he wanted to learn more. So hopefully he will allow us back some time!

Love you all and have a great week! Transfers are on the 2nd!

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