Thursday, January 21, 2016

This week there isn't a whole ton. But we had a super good training this last week (9 hours about). We talked a lot about patterns of the Book of Mormon and the things we learned and were prompted to do. We talked a lot about following promptings of the spirit every time and's hard to never deny a generous thought but I've been doing my best. :)

Then this Sunday I was at church and 3 minutes before sacrament the counsel pulls me aside and lets me know both adult speakers weren't going to make it... so he asked me to speak on the plan of salvation. Haha! I started shaking like a scared duckling! But I did it and they seemed to enjoy it. I got a few compliments. But you know how people are. ;)

But I enjoyed it and it gave me an opportunity to test my faith. :)

We have  a big world wide mission training on Wednesday and I'm super excited!
Have a great week!

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