Monday, May 1, 2017

Good morning. This week has been a good one and I hope that is the same for all of you. This past week my testimony of the power of sharing testimony has grown. ;) During a dinner, after sharing a message, I felt prompted to ask if all 4 of us Elders may bear our testimonies and they said yes. As we bore our testimonies it turned to a specific Elder, who when he bore his testimony, everyone was full attention on him. The sincerity and power of his genuine testimony filled the room with a great spirit which all of recognized.   My second experience; testimony meeting was incredible! So many great testimonies, but one in particular touched my heart. A little girl about, 9 years old, gets up to bear her testimony (parents aren't even in chapel) and says, "I got up because I feel like I should." Then shares about how someone asked her how she knew God was real and her Mom invited to her to watch the restoration video so she said, "I watched the video and I felt the spirit so strong. I knew that God was real." Then closed her testimony. A minute or two later her Mother walked back in. This next generation of children has power!  Then a scripture I read this morning just topped it off which is Alma 4:19.   I personally know that the power of testimony is incredible. It is difficult for somebody to deny a sincere testimony, or to refute it, because that personal witness is so strong!
We also got to go and do service for a lady whose husband is out serving on military leave and that was a great experience. Elder Smith got to ride a big mans toy. He couldn't stop smiling. ;)
This week we got to meet so many new wonderful people and had some good opportunities to teach the gospel and serve. Some of our investigators have really been reading the Book of Mormon and progressing well. It is so nice to see. Often people will not read the Book of Mormon. It's like pulling teeth getting them to read even a few pages. Sometimes it's the same even for members. I can understand why the brethren focus on it so much. But we also get to see the side of things where you go into homes where they read the Book of Mormon nightly and have a powerful spirit in their home. It's really neat. :)

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