Monday, May 15, 2017

Good morning everybody. It's good to write to all of you. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there and other wonderful women. Hope yesterday was great for each of you and that all of you received the love, respect and praise you each deserve. In sacrament there was a talk focused on the divinity of women and their righteous roles in God's plan. I am so grateful for all of the women out there and the great work that they do and for their love and support. Keep it up. :D
This week we got to see one of our investigators, Ann, who is doing great! It has been a little while since we have met with her due to schedule complications. As we reviewed and spoke about the restoration of the gospel she expressed that she feels that this is the right path. She feels that this is where God is leading her and that she was meant to meet the missionaries when she did. She has expressed how she has been praying and pondering the message we share and reading the Book of Mormon and is going to continue to do so unless told otherwise. I am grateful for those who try their best to put forth their effort and show Christ and Heavenly Father they are trying. Ann, to me, is a great example of a diligent seeker of truth.
I hope you all have a great week. I love you all. :D
Before I forget Sister Welch wanted me to let you know that I am great and that she is so proud of me and that I am doing a great job. :) Also the other day our apartment was inspected and the Elderly couple said, "Wow! We should call your parents this is so good." He said it was the best and most clean apartment they had seen out of 8 and that we made the Sisters look bad. Haha. Thank you Mother for teaching me the importance of cleanliness. Then our investigator, Larry, also said that we are amazing and he is proud of who we are. That we give him hope of a brighter future generation and that you and Father should be proud of the boy you raised. (Said it for me and Elder Smith). I want you to always remember Mom, that you are an exceedingly great Mother.  I would not be who I am today without you. I love you.

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