Monday, November 30, 2015

Hey mom!  So I get like no time to email today... sorry. One of the Computers that we use is like broken... So we kind of have to split the time between us, so this will be short, sorry. I am so glad you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We had Thanksgiving at the Walkers home, and at a random persons home that is not a member. It was a referral we knocked on, and their kids who I guess were members invited us in. :) So that was cool! And the GPS will be SO NICE! Thanks for sending it to me. Sadly, our car was taken away though... The other Elders in our area complained that the ward members weren't liking giving them rides to church anymore because they live an hour away from the church building so the MP decided to give them our car. My asthma kills me on the bike in this cold weather too. And its a pretty big area. We have the whole ward to ourselves. It's really hard on bikes, but it will be okay. I will need you to send me a raincoat sometime soon though, a thin one. I got soaked in the rain the other day and it was so cold!

As for Christmas present ideas, I'm not sure? Letters are always fantastic! And pictures, I love getting pictures! :) Things with my comp are pretty good. We got along well but he just has no faith in himself or the area and really struggles. He has talked to President and he has to meet with a counselor. But I still love him and we work hard!
Love you! :D

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