Monday, December 7, 2015

This week not too much happened but we had interviews this week which was pretty cool. Every 6 weeks we have either zone conference or interviews with President. And this week was interviews and it was pretty good! We get a 10 minute interview with him and Sister Porter, do an area book and planner check and do a 15 minute role play. :) But our mission has these sweet OCM pins that we can earn if we memorize and pass off 17 faith scriptures and 3 other things by past prophets and I earned my pin!!! I'm super excited! They have to order in some more though so I don't have it yet but I'll post a picture when I get it. Can't wait! 
So in this area I am in there is a lot of big long hills and it's been getting colder. So as you can guess, my asthma is really trying to murder me! I have been having to use my inhaler a couple times before lessons cuz I can't really speak cuz my breathing gets so bad. So it's kinda a pain right now. Not to mention my bike isn't looking so good... My first bike I borrowed before I got this one had a problem with a creaking noise when I pedaled and the whole pedal/arm fell off while the zone leader was using it on transfers. My bike I have now has been making those noises lately. So I took it in to the bike shop and they tightened it but said if it starts making the noise again it's going to cost anywhere from 30-70 to fix it. Not to mention I need new tires which are like 30 or so? And my brakes are going out and my front and tail lights have been broken so I had to spend 25 on those today... So I'm not sure this bike will be worth fixing soon and will probably end up talking to the mission office to see if they have a different one I could buy off them.
We have been working with a couple investigators though who aren't doing so good. This area has people to baptize, but it's a hard area to find the right people to teach that will keep commitments. It's just a super nice area so most people are happy and go to church and don't feel any need for change. So one of our investigators, that let us come back, and had a family home evening set up for today, (which would have been so great) dropped us yesterday... So the area is up and down. Haha! Our old investigator, Colton, who took the mushrooms, called randomly and just went off at us and was saying how he wants to come and protest at the church. :I    But yeah, things are good though :)

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