Monday, December 14, 2015

Hey Mom! So I got the crappy computer again, so it's harder to email. So I'm just not going to do a group email and try to respond to a couple people. And we have shorter time today as well. P-days are so hectic. I don't like it. I wish we got like 2 more hours haha! But oh well. Well, our mission funds haven't been filled for 3 weeks so we have barely any food this week but we will make it by okay.
We have a new investigator, Jenny, who is on date for the 2nd of January and she looks really promising so far! Super exciting! :) Elder Klingonsmith has been doing a lot better. He was really struggling for awhile but is doing much better. We are both staying here in Kettering so that will be great! I'm excited to keep working here. But if you could put some money in my account if possible that would be great! Unless we get a car at transfers (probably not) I will be biking a lot and will need a new inhaler soon. And possibly a bike too. Also, will you able to look up that nature path stuff?
Things are going real well here though. I'm doing great and loving every bit of it. I really struggle waking up and staying awake during studies these past couple weeks. My companion likes to take forever getting ready for bed. But we have to retire at the same time. So I get like 45 minutes less sleep than usual. So that's hard, but other than that it's good. We have the coolest members here. They are such solid families! But yeah, and I got your Christmas package! :D Thank you :) And I haven't tried on the rain coat you sent me yet but it's pretty sweet! We had record breaking temperatures this week. It was 71 degrees on Saturday. Haha! Supposed to be freezing by weekend though. :( 
Love you!

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