Monday, November 23, 2015

So we had the coolest experience ever this week! We had what's called a mission tour where someone from the 12 or the seventies comes and tours the mission and has a meeting/training for like 8 hours. We had the privelage of Elder Randall K. Bennett of the quorum of the seventy come to our mission and WOW, it was such an amazing experience! He is so powerful. He spoke during conference. He gave the talk "Your next step" which was great! The coolest thing happened though! I was asking him a question about one of our investigators, Tim Gehrke, who has been investigating the church for about a year or so and we can't get him to take his next big step (he's scared) and when I asked the question Elder Randall K. Bennett had me come up in front of the whole southern half of the mission, (233 missionaries I think?), and he had me roleplay a lesson with him, with me as the investigator, Tim, and him as the missionary. HOLY CRAP!!! It was the most amazing thing ever, so powerful. He pretty much gave a commitment/drop lesson to get him to start progressing and he was SOOO bold and loving! I cannot even explain how much Tim (Me) and the whole audience felt the love of Elder Bennett. It was the most amazing experience and so revelatory. I wish I could go back again. 
So one of the cool things about our mission is its the most obedient mission in the world. I'm definitely blessed to be a part of it. And while he was speaking he said, "As a representative of Jesus Christ, he now is wanting me to let you know there is no greater group of missionaries in the world." That was cool! He also said, not to say there aren't other amazing missionaries, just this is the best group. Still insanely cool haha!!!! I will never forget that day. I hope I can be like him someday. :)
Anyways, I think that's about it this week. Love you all!

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