Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey everybody! So....... We got our information for transfers and well, I'm leaving.... and Elder Searle is training!!! Elder Searle was such an amazing companion. He will do so great! I am so excited for him. :) Not sure where I am going though, guess we will have to see, but I'm excited! I'm also super sad to leave though. We had a lot of miracles happening in Elwood. Especially this week. I was hoping to stay 1 more transfer. We currently have 6 people on date for baptism and soon to be more, which is AWESOME! The people we currently have on date are Jeff Marlow, Riley Fanning, Bo Hoffman, Angie, Dj, and Skylar Funderburk. And we were going to put the rest of the family on date in the next few lessons. It is good though and I know that Elder Searle will get them all there, and that God wants me somewhere else and has another purpose for me. So I can't wait to find what my purpose is and make it happen or learn what I need to learn and whatever it may be. I'm excited to go. But it also does mean I probably won't respond to most people today cuz I have to hurry emailing time because I've got a lot to do before I leave. But I'll try my best to get back to everybody next week for sure! Love you all! :D

Also! Thank you all very much for all the birthday wishes and packages! They were much appreciated. :D

This week was fun though! We were able to take like 20 minutes after doing some service and have some fun in one of our investigators little go carts in his back yard haha! It was a lot of fun. :) But we had some awesome stuff this week though, we got tons of members out with us, had 7 investigators at church, got 8 on date for baptism (2 dropped though) but the others were looking pretty good. Our investigator back in Milford though, Scott Van De Grift, the one with MS who his wife was baptized.. Yeah, he is baptized now!!!!! It's sooo cool! :D

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