Monday, November 16, 2015

Well, I got transferred to Kettering Ohio. (4495 Boulder Ridge Drive, Apt. #302, Beaver Creek, Ohio 45440) It's super nice here too and I love it! And my companion is fantastic! His name is Elder Klingonsmith and he is from Rexburg, Idaho. He just got done being trained so he has been out 3 months. So he is pretty new to the mission as well but that doesn't stop him from  being an awesome missionary! We get along pretty well, for the most part. Occasionally we will disagree on a couple things but we get things solved pretty quick. Coolest thing though! HE DOES BALLROOM!!! He was on a competition team! So sick! But yeah, he's pretty awesome.

So one of our investigators, who was on date, Colton, had some crazy experience/revelation type thingy. Haha! He is a super smart guy. Artist and a total hippy but had a desire to get baptized. Then he had some crazy experience where he pretty much "Saw a light spectrum" which he thought was God. He was "Rebirthed/Baptized by God" in his hot tub. He sat on the ground to meditate and "his bum was on fire and the ground was sucking him to the ground trying to make him part of the ground." He was on the ground convulsing and wanted to run outside and hug us while he was naked cuz he was made so pure....... He was either on some serious hallucinogenic drugs or was totally doing something and got possessed by an evil spirit. He was ranting about this experience he had all night for like 30 minutes. It was odd... And we don't think he will be an investigator long. So yeah. Hahahaha! That was a fun experience. Also we parked in someones driveway for a minute while we talked to the neighbor and we turned around and the neighbors were outside and a cop car was pulled up looking inside the "mysterious car." Hahaha! So we walked over and got everything all figured out. 
So I would send pictures, but I just found out this computer in my new area doesn't have a spot to put an SD card in, so I'll need to buy a chord to plug in or a converter.
It's a pretty decent sized area. Our ward is pretty big too. Well, compared to my last 2 areas. We have about 240 active members. 90% of them are either Doctors or in the Air Force or both. Like literally. Haha! There is an air force base super close. It's a super nice area as well. There are some massive houses! It's crazy! Anyways, love you all!
New comp Elder Klingonsmith


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