Wednesday, September 9, 2015

P-Day on Tuesday

This week has been full of miracles its great! :) Things are getting better with my comp. It is up and down but it's getting better though. I have grown a lot spiritually and with my testimony so that is great. :) We study every morning and I study or clean whenever we have down time cuz I don't want any time to waste. We follow all of the mission rules. Obedience is power and I want to be as spiritually powerful as I can be, cuz if I'm slacking, other people are losing that opportunity to change their lives. 

So this last week we had the coolest thing happen. So Elder Brasher and I were going over to the Van De Grifts to teach the new convert lessons and there was somebody over there selling them a TV named Abi. She was a family friend they saw every once in awhile who is 25. Anyways, so of course Elder Brasher starts trying to teach her like, "Hey, we can teach you" and other little things like that, in a joking way, and she was always saying,"No I'm good." But by the end of when we left she totally opened up and was asking if she could go to church on Sunday and meet with us again. It was insane! She was telling us (Later) how she just saw something in Elder Brasher that she had a strong desire for. Not an attraction but something else, and she didn't know what it was, but she wanted it. Which, as I am sure most of you know, that was the Holy Ghost that she saw in him. She has such a strong desire for it. So she came to church and was only planning on staying for 1 hour and by the end she went to all 3 hours and really opened up during Relief Society and even bore her testimony! It was insane!!! 

So we had another lesson that Sunday night and it was just crazy and we have another lesson on Wednesday. But a little about her, it took a lot of trust for her to open up to us about the fact that she is a lesbian and has a partner currently but wants to be with a man. She was the, "it girl/cheerleader" type person in high school. She had a really rough family life which led her to, after high school, getting into stripping for awhile. So she really has a long ways to go currently as she tries to change. But as long as she continues to see the light and has the desire she will get there. She is fantastic! :)

So 2 funny stories from this week. So we went over to this one guys house (Bill) to see if we could share a message with him and he opens the door a little but like hid himself behind the door, besides his head and upper chest. He told us now was a bad time and to come back later. So we said okay and as we were leaving I looked back and saw through the window, Bills little butt cheeks jiggling as he was walking haha! He opened the door and he was completely naked... What a nut ;)

Story 2, We went over to one of our favorite old ladies, Sister Garbe, and she says to us, "One second. Let me go put my teeth in (dentures)." So she leaves and comes back a minute later and has her dentures in with a huge smile on and says,"How do I look?" Haha. Not only did she put her dentures in, she also put on lots of blush and lipstick haha, It totally made my day ;') She's so great! That's it for the week. Love you all! :)
Jordan's bed and his side of the room

Still crazy!

Family Zone Day

Labor Day fun

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