Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First Baptism!

So this week has been super busy and great! But also a lot of work, especially with the baptism. So with Christina Van De Grift she text us Thursday morning and decided she was not going to be baptized. So we talked to her for a little bit and were able to get her to go to the interview tonight with President Lochinger, (mission presidents counselor), and he solved all of her concerns. Thankfully!  So she was good to go! She also has not been drinking coffee at all. She is so super! So Saturday evening we had the baptism of Christina Van De Grift which was super duper sick! I mean spiritual. Anyways, it was a great experience. She is going to be a fantastic member. 

Then that Saturday we went to the Christinas to help build a wheelchair ramp for her husband who has Multiple sclerosis. We had like 10 members of the ward show up to help. It was so fantastic to see the ward work together to help out our investigators/members. :)

So on Thursday we had a special training with President Porter and the assistants and the whole lower half of the mission. It was really good. BUT they gave us these things called Tiwi's, (we got a car part time now). They are a little box that tells you to slow down if you are speeding, tells you if you are driving aggressive and tells the mission if those things happen so they know who is being dumb in the vehicles. So that is fun. ;) We named our Tiwi, Helga, cuz she is the mean, Mom who tells you what you can and can't do. It's like getting a license so you can drive on your own, but still have your Mom with you.... Hahaha ;)

One last thing! So we have this new investigator, Kevin, who is super cool. But he needs help, he has an addiction to Heroin, weed, and tobacco and maybe some other things as well, and is in a rough situation. He is so cool though and really needs help, and he can definitely feel the spirit so strongly! The first time we met him we shared a prayer and he started crying. After our first lesson/first vision lesson with him we shared Joseph Smiths first vision experience and he just started crying. It was such a touching moment. We are hoping to see him Tuesday and extend a baptismal date to him at the end of the lesson.
Other than that this week has still been great! I love you all. Good luck this week :)
Special Missionary Training

Good eats

Loving the work

Love President Porter!

So fun to see Elder Longmire again

Sister Van De Grift before she was baptised

See how happy she is after!

This lady is awesome

She made him laugh so hard

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