Monday, September 28, 2015

Getting Transferred Tomorrow

Hey y'all! So I'm not gonna write much on this weeks email. Sorry about that. But things have been going alright in the area. We had one day that was fantastic. We taught Scott Van De Grift and it was such an amazing lesson! So one thing with Scott, when I first moved in to the area, you could barely ask him a question without him getting upset or mad at you and tell you off. We went in to this lesson with prayer, fasting, and President Loechinguer (mission presidents counselor) and wow! Miracles happened! He opened up a whole lot and was super close to praying and being put on date. I know he will be there soon enough. I am getting transferred this week though, but am not sure where I am going till tomorrow. But I know Elder Brasher will get Scott there and take care of the area. Love you all!

Here's some fun pics.

Don't look TOO happy!
Got a haircut.

Helping ward member cut down some trees.

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