Monday, September 21, 2015

New Investigators

Hey whats up y'all!!! :D

Everybody needs to hurry and send my mother Darlene Silotti a message on Facebook. It is currently her birthday today and needs the wishes! ;) But seriously though.... DO IT! :P

Lets see, so currently our area is still not doing super hot, but we are getting a little better I guess? We don't really have any other progressing investigators besides Scott Van De Grift, but we have a couple who are still up and down. Abbi was doing great but has bailed on us a lot this past week or so which is a bummer cuz she could really use a switch around in life and wants a switch up. I just don't know how much she is willing to sacrifice to get that. So hopefully things will work out for her.

So our mission does this thing called 2-2-5ing where if we go to a persons house and they are not home we talk to the 2 neighbors on both sides of the house, and the 5 houses across the street to ask about that person and then introduce ourselves and see if we can get a new investigator. And we were doing that one time this week and this lady answers the door and the first thing she says to us is "Hey! Wanna come do some dishes for me?" Elder Brasher immediately responds, is there another male in the house? I would love to do it!  (Rules are, there has to be another 16+ old male in the house for us to go in) and she just starts laughing and replies "No its okay, I'll do it. Talk to my son" Then she walks in and tells her 17 year old son to come out and talk to us. It was so funny! Their names are Erin (Mom), Kyle (17 year old son), and Iseaha (10?) and we have an appointment with them I think tomorrow? So that will be awesome. We would love to get another family to join the church!

Lets see, so one of our long term investigators we stop by occassionally needed some work on her truck so I asked what it needed work on. She was like,"It needs new intake manifold gaskets. I've got the parts." So I respond,"I've never done it before but that doesn't sound too difficult", so she let me do it cuz nobody else could in a reasonable time. I was excited. Working on cars is great! So I replaced my first exhaust manifold gaskets and it was fantastic! ;) And because of Gods grace, we were able to give her a tour of the church later that night which is the most progress we have made with her so far, and it went pretty well. :) Hopefully we can teach her again soon. She is super busy. Oh! Her name is Tika and she is like 35-40? And she has 3 kids.

I don't think there is anything else this week, so I will talk to y'all later. Love ya!

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