Saturday, September 19, 2015

2 Weeks Till Transfers
So honestly there isn't a whole lot to talk about this week but I will try to hit the more important points. :)
So this last week we had what is called a Social Media Split, which is something our mission came up with I think. You get one day where you try and plan the whole day to have members out with you teaching or doing service etc... and the point of is it to have the members take photos or videos to post on social media sites to kind of spread the good word. :) Kind of cool! So Elder Brasher and I did lots of service. We were on top of roofs cleaning gutters, painting floors, weeding, mowing lawns etc... It was a lot of fun. :) Sadly we weren't able to get many lessons that day though, but lots of service is always good.
Then the other thing from this week is sadly our area is not doing so hot currently. Our investigators Brianna and Wileen dropped us. Brianna had an attitude with Wileen I guess and Wileen blamed it on us and text us and told us to never come back again. So they are dropped. Then we had our other really good potential, Rhonda Hauke, drop us. Well, her fiancé did, she told us we could call her last night to see if we could start coming by again (fiancé hates Mormons I guess) and so I called her and the Fiance answered. He went off on us which is sad that he is so controlling over Rhonda. She is in her 30's and he is stopping her from even talking to us. Poor Rhonda. She really wanted to keep learning. And as for Tammy, a long term investigator who started progressing, seems to be dropping a little again cuz she has such a crazy life (2 Jobs, 5 kids, and is going to court with 2 crazy ex's) so she has a lot on her plate. But she won't keep any commitments so we may have to drop her soon sadly.
And lastly, as for Abby, she is doing good. We had an in home lesson with her last Wednesday. And it went really good, she was excited to read the Book of Mormon.she was going to be at church on Sundy but ended up being out of town longer than planned, so hopefully we can see her soon :)
Oh, lastly! I gave my first talk while on the mission and it went a lot better than I was expecting, It was my first time speaking without my whole talk written out, just a couple bullet points.... Anyways, love you all! Face throwing a kiss

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