Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Awesome Week

Hey everybody! So this week was pretty good. We had one especially good day on like Wednesday or something where my comp and I just did excellent! Not that these mean much to most but I'll say them anyways cuz they were good haha, So our daily count for Wednesday was: We had 6 lessons taught to investigators with a  member present,  2 member lessons, 4 other lessons to investigators  (No member present), 8 new investigators, and 14 baptismal extentions haha, It was great!

Lets see, so one of our investigators Bob is making lots of progress. I don't know if I have told y'all much about him or not but he is 78, and he smoked from the age 16 till last December when he was rushed to the hospital because of it, so he is off of it now but has horrible breathing problems, he also has bad aching pain all over from arthritis so its a bummer. This week we almost got him to church but he took some laxatives the morning of and was scared he would have to go poop like 4 or 5 times haha! But he is planning on coming the next time and has a baptismal date of August 17! He is taking a bit of work but he is reading and praying all the time and has stopped drinking coffee! He is so cool :) But we did get 3 other members to church, the Van de grifts, they are long term and are making slow progress but are getting there.

Downs of the week though  are we got dropped by Steven Martin who was a 14 year old less active. His mom hates the Book of Mormon and wants him to completely understand the bible first, which is like impossible! Anyways, I want to say one other dropped us as well, but I'm  having a hard time remembering who it is. But one of the cool experiences I had this week is one of the part time missionaries, Elder Scott, was having a hard day so he came over and we shared a message/lesson with him and the spirit was there like crazy! Like it was different than I have ever felt before, Everything got super super quiet and calm, I couldn't hear anything besides us talking and there is always bugs and people upstairs making noise, I was able to focus super well, which rarely ever happens, and it was just crazy, super cool!

So I'm not sure a ton what else happened this week, so yeah, I love and miss you all!

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