Sunday, July 26, 2015

Loving Ohio

This place is LEGIT! I love it :) You are all missing so much green being in Utah, but its definitely different not having mountains, the sunset is so different. Its not quite the amazing sunset without the mountains, but its decent I guess? but we get cool weather here! Its raining constantly and we have had a few flood warnings and 2 tornadoes so far its crazy awesome!!!
                                                     Investigator Bob and his car
                                                 Elder Brasher eating cheesy grilled cheese
                                                    Telephone pole my comp ran into!
                                                       Pumping up my tires

                                                Helping ward members paint a room
They have this huge tornado warning tower or something that makes tons of noise when there is a tornado that touches ground and our second was last night while elder brasher and I were out, it was fun! :) Wish I got to see it though, that would have been sick.
So one of the investigators we are working with "Bob" is so cool, I love talking to him! He hadn't made progress this whole year till I came, but he still has trouble with coming to church and committing cuz he about dies from not being able to breathe every time he walks more than 15 feet pretty much. Its sad, he started smoking when he was like 16 and didn't stop till he had a near death experience and went the ER last December, and he is in late 70s I think he said. So hopefully we can help him out :) He is my favorite so far though, and he gave us a ride in his sick car!!! It was an old 1963 Dodge Dart :)
Its great here though, I love it! I love letters by the way :) to get the address message my mom on facebook or something, Darlene silotti :) Love and miss you all! Elder Brasher and I get along great! and he is a pretty decent trainer, but he could push me more haha! I guess I am doing really good for a new elder but we will see. Everyone thinks im going to be a trainer right out of my training lol! Yeah right! im learning well, I feel like, it depends on the day mostly.
Here is a picture of a deer the was right outside of our apartment (Mother and 2 deer always in the back yard). I knocked on the door and the deer didn't know what was going on and starting shaking and looked like it was having a seizer it was super funny! And then the telephone pole is the pole that elder brasher ran into while we were biking immediately after waving and saying hi to some people, it was the funniest thing I have ever witnessed!!! :') He waved and said hello and then WHAM went straight into the pole haha, I couldn't stop laughing for the longest time! The 3 people he waved too tried so hard not to laugh though, it was great :')

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