Sunday, July 19, 2015

Jordan's First Week in the Mission 

 So I got to Ohio on Monday! We got up at 3am in order to make our flight haha! It was so early! The airport we landed in is in Kentucky so we hit Kentucky, drove through Indiana, and made it to Ohio. Heck yes!!! All in 45 minutes ;) This place is so gorgeous though! It is so green and there are trees and grass everywhere! But I do miss the mountains... It's so cool though, we have like these fire bug things that light up for a second like shooting stars, super sick! Lets see, my companion is Elder Brasher (WE ARE DISTANT COUSINS!!!) and he is from Utah as well. He has been out for a little more than a year and he is super cool. We get along pretty well :P

Lets see, my first 5 minutes out of my apartment, to go actually do stuff, and some lady pulled up next to us, (I am in a walking/biking area currently) and said we shouldn't be walking around all the time, so I was thinking,"Oh, she is worried for our safety. How nice of her." Then she goes off on how she doesn't like that we go door to door, (we barely do anyways), and to never go to her house and she doesn't like what we are doing and we need to get a job and a life haha! I tried so hard to not laugh at her. It was great! :') The work is a lot of fun and I love it! 

One day we went on an exchange and I was with the zone leader. We went to talk to this one guy who was older and kind of a bum. He was on a bike and was using Kroger grocery bags as gloves haha! He had like 3 teeth... We were talking to him and got an appointment set up for the zone leader with him, then we asked if we could do anything for him and he wanted us to find him a wife lol!!! Specifically his next door neighbor haha. Lets see, what else has happened? We have met a few cool people and we met our leadership standards/goals! We are a little above average on lessons, invitations, people coming to church etc... its great! I guess it's pretty rare for new missionaries to get that. My companion blames it on Greeny Grace haha! So yesterday we went up to talk to a potential investigator and the lady went off on us and we went up to her house haha! She says "I was here yesterday when you were banging on my door! And if I see you on my property again I am calling the local police on you!!!" People are crazy here, I love it. This place is great! I know there is more but I can't think of anything... Love you all! 
 Plane ride to Cincinnati
Provo Temple with Elder Longmire
 Helping a ward member paint 

My new comp Elder Brasher

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