Thursday, July 2, 2015

First And Last Week In The MTC

Hey everybody, I hope everything is going well back home! This first week in the Provo MTC has been amazing! I have the coolest companion in the world and knew we would get along great when during the first ten minutes of class, we were going over rules, and my teacher says how we have to stay together 24/7 except when you are in the bathroom you can just stay outside. So my comp, Elder Longmire, turns to me and says,"You can follow me in if you want, and winks". And well, that first impression was right, we get along great! We are able to have fun while at the same time we both really challenge each other, are open with one another and really know how to get in tune with the spirit.

I have never been able to feel the spirit so strongly as I have felt in the MTC (Missionary Training Center). But at the same time, this place is hard and exhausting! And I'm not going to lie, it's kind of like living in a prison or a military base because we are roomed with 6 people in a super small room and the showers suck! They turn on hot water at 6:30 so when its past 6:30 everyone gets up and showers, and the hot water runs out fast and we get NO water pressure. You literally stand touching the wall to get a few drips of water. It's crazy! So my companion and I usually get up at 6 so we can shower with water pressure and just deal with the cold water. But yeah, I am loving this place! My district is the coolest! I leave Monday morning for Ohio and I can't wait! Love you all :)

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