Monday, August 3, 2015

Poor Sick Jordan

Hey y'all! So this week wasn't quite as great as last week. It had it's ups and downs for sure. But that's okay! So as for the ups I will try to remember :) So one funny story, on Tuesday we were in an apartment complex that is decently ghetto, everyone is on drugs and is always getting in trouble (from what the neighbors tell me), and we asked a lady if there was anybody she knew who we should share a message with and she points to a scary looking woman and says, "She needs Jesus" haha! So after we got done talking to her, we started to head towards that woman and she see's us walking towards her and takes off and hides in her apartment and won't come out. Her little boy says to us, "I know what you want with my mom". So I say what? and he tells us he can't say... Sadly, I'm pretty sure she thought we were gonna get her in trouble so we will try again later. Another upside to this week is that our family upstairs is fantastic still. Their son got back from his mission in Brazil this week and wants to come out with us lots till he leaves for school which is fantastic!

The downside to this week is I got sick on Saturday morning. We woke up and went running. Then I got back and ran to the toilet and threw up... yucky! So we stayed in for a few hours till I felt a little better. Then we went and mowed a lawn and then started painting at another ladies house and I ran to the toilet and puked again. I was feeling a little bit better again. I really didn't want to eat anything but she offered dinner (hot dogs), but I said yes because I didn't want to be rude. I threw up again, of course, so I had to stay in all Sunday, other than church. But we did get 2 investigators to church so that is great! But I am feeling great now so yay!!!

So here's 2 fun stories that I will show pictures of. I got a hair cut. Nice and short! I had the lady we rent a room from buzz it. Also I tried eating muscles which is disgusting and like an oyster or something. I couldn't swallow it and spit it up haha! We were at a Chinese buffet and I decided to try it and it was nasty! 

So we just had zone conference on Friday and it was so great!!! I learned so much, and I went up to President and asked him when I will get the opportunity to have him come with us to a lesson, and he told me to just give him a call!!! LIKE NO WAY!!! :P I didn't think he would actually be able to. So we are going to try and set up a lesson with some long term investigators who are very difficult to work with. That will be so cool! He is such a genious! He is great :) Well, I guess that's it for now. Love ya'll.
He needs a haircut.
Buzzing away.

Looking sharp!

The disgusting muscles he ate and hated.

He went on exchanges with some Elders.

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