Monday, August 24, 2015

Baptism Date Set!

So this week is transfers! But, I am staying here in Milford with Elder Brasher, which is good and bad. We are starting to argue more but I guess that means we both have the opportunity to learn right? ;) And it means I don't get a new place, but I wanted a little change so I changed up and moved everything around in the apartment haha, which at first Elder Brasher was (jokingly) freaking out, but I think he is starting to like it. It's just different :)

So the most exciting news of the week is.... CHRISTINA VAN DE GRIFT IS GETTING BAPTISED!!!!!!!!

She is a long term investigator since last October, a few missionaries ago! And when I got here Elder Brasher was debating dropping her and her hubby cuz they were always freaking out and getting upset with us and they weren't progressing. But we changed up our tactics with them and Scott is still struggling but Christina is good to go! YAY! :D  We started our last lesson with her telling us she wasn't ready at all, and then she had a spiritual moment where Jesus spoke to her and said, "Do you trust me?" and she broke down and cried for like 5 whole minutes. It was crazy! So excited! Miracles do really happen! We were praying and fasting for this to happen that lesson.

So other news, Brianna, one of our progressing investigators is doing great and she wants to be baptized and we would have her on date to be baptized, but her Grandma (pretty much her Mom, grew up with her) wants to know for a fact this a great church and that it is right for Brianna, and the way we will know that is when she is ready to be baptized and join our church is well from what she has told us. But she is progressing slowly. But with prayer, study, and fasting we will get them there for sure! (So pray for her ok? :)) But it's hard because now we need to focus more on Wileen (Grandma), which means we can't focus and help Brianna to progress as much sadly. Let's see, time for a funny story maybe??? Okay, I'll give you 2! Lucky people ;)

So first story: So we were over at an investigators house, and they invited us to eat dinner with them, outside (bbq), so we said sure! Anyway, so we were talking a little about Catholics (Amanda was as a kid) and Elder Brasher asks if she knows why it is that they don't believe in sex for reasons other than procreation (having kids) and we get into a tiny conversation. Then Elder Brasher, (not thinking) asks, "So do y'all only have sex for procreation or what?" Are you serious bro?!?! Who asks that! And they just start laughing and Doug responds, "No, for recreation as well" then replies, "What about you guys?" It was so awkward! Haha, super funny though!

Second story: We were talking to Wileen and Brianna about the For Strength of Youth book and gave her one. She looks at it for a second then looks at Brianna and says to her, "These are gonna be your bed time stories from now on!" It was the funniest thing. I was ready to die from laughter. Goodness gracious! :P Wileen is gonna kill me, she cracks me up :D Hope everything is going great, love you all!!! :)

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