Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Getting A Car!

Hey y'all! :) So this week was awkward and good. It had ups and downs but it's pretty positive for the most part. So lately my comp and I have been having problems, (not saying what), and I emailed President in a weekly email about them and he called us that night and got after my comp and I. It was super awkward and uncomfortable. But things are getting better but there was some trust lost (not saying what side). So that was the bad.

The good though is that Christina, the one getting baptized, well we found out she has problems with coffee and she wasn't willing to stop drinking it because she didn't think she needed to or that it was a sin. So we set up another lesson for 3 days later to talk to her more in depth about the word of wisdom and she comes in and says,"My head hurts like crap guys!" So we asked why and she says to us, "I haven't had coffee in 2 and a half days, that's why" It was so funny, we were so worried she wasn't going to stop drinking it. But as of now we are still good to go this Saturday at 7, so hopefully she is able to stay off the coffee with no other issues :) Super excited!

So we had this cool experience, we found this new lady Rhonda, and she was telling us in our first lesson that the first day we talked to her, she had a dream the night before that was scary. She saw a super bright light (God she thinks) and a heard a whisper, "I know ye not" Then hours later, Elder Brasher and I came up to her and started talking to her. Anyways, so after the first vision part of the lesson (Joseph Smiths vision) there is a picture of what we could imagine his experience to look like and she said that's very similar to the dream in the fact that he was super bright. And she was talking about her dream and past, and felt that the reason he said that to her was she turned her back on him years ago when something bad happened. She seemed super happy and excited to be meeting with us. So we haven't met with her again yet, but we have high hopes! :)

Then 1 funny story ;') So yesterday we were at dinner with some members and Brother Rich and I were talking about working out, (one of his hobbies), and pull ups got brought up, and I said, "Oh I love pull ups!" And his 4 year old daughter says, "I love pull ups too. I wear them to bed every night." Oh my gosh. We just died laughing. It was hilarious :')

Some exciting news! We are going to be getting a car every other week, we will be sharing it with some new Elders in our area. Which is super nice because we won't have to get rides from members constantly. They are starting to get very annoyed with us always asking for rides and I hate it. But we can't bike to the church cuz it takes around 2 hours each way to bike it. So I'm super glad we will partly get a car!
Rocking the back flips

Chopping down a tree for Sister Chiapelli

Dressed for the part

It started pouring rain

The famous 7x7 burger.....delicious!

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