Monday, July 25, 2016

We dont have any transfer info yet. And we never know ahead of time where we are going really. All we know is if we are leaving and if its an assignment like zone leader or trainer.

This past week was wonderful! Kelsie is continuing to progress. She came to church this sunday for the 4th time now and again loved it! We had a great church experience this last time. There were 3 AMAZING talks about loving one another, forgiveness, and covenants we make as members when we join the church. Then we had a fun gospel principles class discussing the "fall" of Adam and Eve.

If you look on the Ohio Cincinnatti mission page their may be a few pictures posted with us in them. We had our social media split this past saturday and had a great time!

This past week Aaron Harberson was baptised by Elder Rickey and Confirmed by me. It was really such a great experience seeing a young man choose to join the church. He also expressed how he is wanting to serve a mission if he can which he will do such a great job. Confirming was quite a nerve wracking experience haha, knowing that everybody is watching you but was comforted by knowing that if you just listen to the holy ghost everything will work out perfectly as always.

Last night was a cool experience, we got to go see Sister Pettit who is a sweet older lady we are going to the temple with on the 13th of August which I am physced for. Always an amazing experience at the temple. Anyways, she hurt her back and has been having sharp pains for the past 3 days I think she said and asked for a blessing. As we gave her the blessing it was a neat blessing. After the blessing she looked at us and said "wow, what a blessing! I could feel it working through my body the whole time and feel so much better" with a tear in her eyes. Then said "now how about a missionary side hug?" haha! The priesthood is so unreal and I am so privileged an honored to be able to hold it and to be able to perform miracles in the Lords name. I do not know what I would do without the Gospel in my life.

This was a great week and I am excited to see what next week brings. We are both being transferred but don't know where yet. :)

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