Monday, July 11, 2016

It sounds like things are going well at home. That's always good to hear.
Things are going great out here! No I didn't get invited to Leadership council. It's usually only Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders that go, occasionally someone else is invited but not often, and it's a new mission president so that could be totally different too. We are working with a lot of people that are making changes and are really growing their testimonies though. It's quite neat! Kelsie is still doing great. She is coming to a members home this evening for a bonfire/family home evening, and the members are inviting their non-member friends so that will be awesome! The members are Maureen and Jerry Ball. They rock! So much fun :) Elder Rickey and I are still doing great together. We work well together and have pretty good communication in a loving way. Probably the best in any companionship yet. It's wonderful. :) Oh, Elder Rickey and I also sang in Sacrament this week and it went pretty well. They seemed to enjoy it. :) We sang hymn 197 to the tune of If You Could High to Kolob. And then I gave a talk on loving and treating one another as Christ would.

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