Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I apologize. Our pday was moved till today by the way. ;) SURPRISE! ;)  Did Justin do anything funny while he was drugged up? Did it hurt him very much or was he pretty okay like me?  That is real cool that he is a priest now and that he got to stand in a circle! That is real neat. :) What does he think so far? Is he nervous to bless the bread and water?
I am super happy that Jamie had a great time at Oakcrest and especially that her testimony grew! My temple recommend and Testimony are two things I hold very sacred and special to me. Nothing can replace them.
I'm glad the letter made it to Jamie. I thought the skunk foot would be kind of funny haha! I almost cut off a possum tail to send it but those are disgusting!!! They are all over the place here.  We have rabbits, racoons, possums, and squirrels everywhere here. They are just like birds almost. :D  I'm glad the Family home evening went well. That is super fun. They are so great!
Everything is going super well. The area is doing awesome! The Branch struggles with some things but we are working on it. I am giving a talk on Sunday and hopefully their hearts with change and they will repent and become more Christ like! That's the goal. :) And Kelsie is doing AMAZING! She is so elect. She decided she is not going to finish her sleeve tattoo! :D And she is working towards getting married this month.  Then we are also working with Aaron who is going to be baptised on the 23rd of July, so pretty soon! He is awesome as well. :)
Let's see...what else? We got our new mission president, President Welch! He is amazing! I love that man already and am so thrilled I have the opportunity to serve with and learn from him for a whole year. He and his wife are so loving and have such powerful testimonies. We have interviews next week so that will be real good. I think that's it for the week?

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