Tuesday, July 19, 2016

This week was a good week. We had interviews with President Welch. I swear that man has the eye contact of a God or something. It's like he looks right into your soul and knows every thought and feeling you have. It's kind of awesome! :D He is very short and concise with what he says. He thinks about what he is going to say and does it with power. It's real neat. :) I am excited to keep working under him. And Sister Welch is such a sweetheart! I love her. :P She also was a state gymnast in college. How about that? Pretty awesome!
We went on exchanges last week and had a good time and fun experiences. I went down to Auburn with Elder Keetch. He is great! Kelsie is not getting baptised on the 30th anymore. She does not yet feel ready to make that commitment but still wants to push for it. She is still making good progress, but wants to be more consistant with things and change her lifestyle more so she doesn't fall into old ways. But Aaron is getting baptised this Saturday so that is exciting. President and Sister Welch will be attending as well!
Brad Barnes is still doing great. I am super proud of him. He is really setting his priorities right (serve the Lord aka, teach with missionaries, then go take a nap) haha. He is coming along well. 
Mark has been struggling a lot, but is starting to get back up. His wife is super super anti. It is insane! And he got fired this last week but he is still pushing along.
The mission has been amazing. I love every moment of it. Even the hard times. It is all so very rewarding to be able to see not only the change in others lives but my life as well. I have matured a lot not only as a person but spiritually and mentally as a son of God. I understand much more about and love the Gospel. I am always searching to know more. I have gained a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and the Restored Gospel and how it blesses us in every aspect of life. I also know that the Doctrine of Christ is real. That as we learn new doctrines, principles, actions and apply it into our lives, as we constantly seek for change and guidance that we as a person change. Our Character becomes more like the Character that God needs us to be in order to be with him again and most importantly, to allow him to use us in his work. I testify that Jesus Christ is the light and life of the world, that he is the only means of Salvation and Exaltation, and that he loves and cares for each and every person. I love this Gospel.

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