Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A cool experience from yesterday. I was saying a prayer in the afternoon and asked heavenly father for an opportunity to excersize the priesthood yesterday and looking at our plans didn't seem like there would be an opportunity. Well I was prompted to look over our assignments to go visit some inactive elders. So I called 5 of them and on the 5th one he answered and wanted a blessing. So we got to drive out and do that and it was just really neat and another testimony builder for sure. :) 

Also, some real exciting news!!! Brad Barnes is going to get baptised this Saturday!!!! He is such a stud. I love that man. Super excited for him, he is also going to go the Temple on the 11th of June which will be awesome! So that is my exciting news for the week! :D Also I have a request if you feel alright with it. I was reading my patriarcle blessing this morning and really had a desire to read yours and dads so I thought I would ask, but knowing that its very personal it is okay if you would not like me to read them, but would love if I can. :)

Also a  quick funny story, one of the speakers this sunday went up to speak and was saying how his talk subject was trails and was like "that is an interesting subject but okay" So he was speaking on trails for a couple minutes then said "Oh, and then I felt I should look at the card that says the subject on it again.... OH! It says trials not trails!" and then the 1st counselor made a huge sigh of relief and everybody just busted up laughing, it was so funny! Elder Jackson (he is an elder couples missionary)  got him really good. it was hilarious. Anyways, thats my stuff for the week! Love you. :D

This week was awesome! Lots of good stuff. Brad is now a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints!!! There was some opposition but we got him there with the guidance of the holy ghost and a little faith. ;) So this last week my mission/life has changed. That meeting on monday that I was invited to was real powerful! I went through kind of a 1 1/2 of refiners fire, then some change the rest of the meeting, we got back home at 10:45pm. Then the next morning we had a another stake training/work shop in which the spirit again was pushing me a lot. My heart and desires changed during those meetings. Then I felt a prompting "All this change is going to be really hard, get a blessing" So I went up to President and asked for a blessing and he was like "what for?" all I said was "I am ready to change" that was all that was needed to be said, he sat me down and began and it was WOW, holy cow it was sweet! :) I recorded it and have it all written down and it is neat. :)  then after the blessing was something pretty scary but cool. He turned to me, grabbed my shoulders and said to me, looking me right in the eyes. "Elder, there is noone in this mission that can do more than you, focus! I love you" then pushed me out of the room. It was a crazy past couple of days, and Elder Rickey and I had our weekly planning and discussed many things and changed a lot of things and we are changing a lot! and seeing a lot of Gods grace and miracles in our work. This past week we found 11 new investigators and received 10 referrals (thats a lot!). Anyways, this week has just been super super cool, and I'm super happy.

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