Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My week was great! It was a lot of fun and went by real fast! Some exciting news I guess. Kelsie Adamsons an investigator we have been working with a lot is changing a ton! She didn't know anything about God when we first met her and wouldn't pray or come to church. Well, she has been praying and took the initiative to teach her son how to pray and had an amazing experience. She is now thinking about baptism (wouldn't before) and came to church last Sunday!!! Truly amazing. :D She has been emotional with all the change. Its kind of funny to watch because we know where its coming from but she is still confused because "she never cries" hehe. The spirit does that sometimes. ;)
Other exciting news for Jamie. I sent a letter this morning. Its got something in it! So hopefully that makes it there. ;) But we got a new mini missionary who will be with us for a week! He is 16 and from columbia city. His name is Brother Matthew Kennedy and is super cool! This week was truly great. 
Wednesday we will be going to the temple for the last "goodbye" to the Porters. It will be sad but I am stoked for President and Sister Welch. They will be great! 
It seems like things are going real well back home though. I am super happy about that!
Youth Conference should be a great experience for Justin. I am excited for him! I loved youth conference. It was great! :D

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