Saturday, May 21, 2016

The weather has been so fun this past week, it was such nice weather with 2 real cool storms. One of them was just pouring rain and huge hail it was nuts, then yesterday with had a big lightning and thunder storm which was pretty fun. Spring is fun out here, i love all this rain :)
My testimony is much stronger in multiple ways and my faith as well. it is great stuff! So this last week i got invited to go to leadership council which is for zone leaders and sister training leaders and those that are invited, it was such a neat experience. I learned so much and found what i need to work on next, good good stuff!  I am getting transferred though, i dont know where and if im training or district leader or anything like that. If i am i havent been told yet. But i will try and have someone send a picture with my new adress as soon as i can tomorrow. Sorry if i forget though. And as for a package, no candy please. Im trying so hard to eat healthier and am doing really good. I was getting super bad with my eating habits for a little and needed to stop. So i made a deal with myself, im not eating prepackaged candy. But i can have anything baked or cooked and things like that. And as for Soda im only having it if im at a members home that offers me some. But i can't really think of anythings at the moment for a package. I will need some more stamps soon.

This week was pretty good :) This week we got to do a good bit of things and it was wonderful! We had Zone Conference which was wonderful, very motivating and revelatory. President Porter took like 1- 1 1/2 hours that he wasn't planning and spending it talking in depth about what the pre-existance was like and it was super cool! He is so awesome, i swear that man knows so much :D I hope i know that much one day, that would be neat. Then wednesday night our ward mission leader invited us to go to the youth fishing trip last and this wednesday and the first trip was a lot of fun. There is a friend of one of the members who has a private lake that is overstocked so 2x a year he invites the youth to go fishing there to help get some of the fish gone. And we got permission to go because of nonmembers there and trying to break the ice and whatnot it was fun! But of course i had no luck like usual. We had probably 15 people there and not 1 person caught under 4 fish, everyone caught mostly 8-15 fish, (companion got 9, 7 bass 2 bluegill) except for me, i caught 0 haha! I swear i am cursed, we will see how this wednesday goes i guess. We got Sam coming who is one of our investigators being baptised on the 4th of june. He is 18 years old.  Our other investigator Brad is now on date for the 4th of june as well. And he is awesome! They are both super golden investigators :) Can't wait for the fun to happen, baptisms are so great being able to watch people enter into the fold :)   Then saturday again we got to help Mark again to help him fix up his semi truck which needed the suspension replaced and 2 more bushings and ubolts. We did it much quicker this time though, he was very relieved because it needed done bad and he has no time in the week to do it or he cant work so it helped a lot. And the 4 of us ate 2 massive pizzas and 1 thing of cheese bread, it was yummy! :D Anyways, it was a great week, love you lots!

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