Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Well, I am now here in New Castle, Indiana with the one and only Elder Smith! Our address is:
914 West Colonial Street
New Castle, IN 
We received a warm welcome here. Let me tell you about it.
Elder Smith and I (doubled in) were going to contact a potential investigator and we knocked on the door and nobody answered. So we got outside the gate and closed it and a kid says, "my mom is in the back." So we say okay. As we walk on the outside of the fence this dog bolts around the corner (inside of fence) and jumps up barking and snarling with a ferocious growl. Took us by surprise. Well, we begin walking towards the back, and this dog, (pit bull/boxer mix) jumps up over the fence so I bolt (wrong thing to do). This beast chases me into the street where (cuz I didn't look) I almost got hit by a car that had to suddenly stop. So I hurry and turn, as this dog is viciously attacking me. I pull back my arm with my scriptures and am about to whop him if he gets any closer, when a man yells out, "Don't run!" Choosing to trust this guy, I stop dead on and he calls for the dog to come back so he does. All the while, my companion had his bag up and ready to swing! Hahaha! What a terrifying experience. Adrenaline was shooting through both of us and we were a bit shaky. Haha. One of the few thoughts, as I was being chased was "I've heard many stories but I never thought this would happen to me!" Well, as the owner got his dog, we spoke to him and his girlfriend. While we were hoping they would feel bad and let us share a message, they denied us. Wah wah wah.... Maybe next time.
Anyways, to tie this into the gospel. In life you will have moments where you do not know what to do. You might be quite terrified, as I was, but when you choose to listen to the Saviors guidance and "stop" or do what he asks, you will be protected and brought home safe. I know this is true and I love Jesus Christ, I wish you all a great week.
My first week was a blast. We are loving the area and we get along real well despite our differences. Learning to work with companions and communicate is easily one of my favorite things I have learned on the mission. Though it has not been easy and I still need much more practice.  Our apt is really nice. It's a 2 story apartment. It used to be a senior couples apt, then sisters and then us. It has 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms and was nearly spotless when we got there. I have had to clean so many disgusting apartments I was extremely grateful! We split a car with the other Elders in our branch but we took it in this morning for 1-2 weeks of repairs from body damage the sisters had left on it. But that's okay. The weather is beautiful and makes biking enjoyable. I hope my bike pulls through these last 2 transfers.
Good afternoon my beautiful friends and family! :D I am happy to say that Raegan and Isaiah were successfully baptized and confirmed this past Saturday and Sunday. It was phenomenal. I know their lives will be forever impacted and blessed for their choice to follow and serve the Lord, Jesus Christ. 
This past week in Zone Meeting we learned about personal prayer. They shared a clip from Elder Eyring and Hollands face to face a month or so ago when they spoke about prayer. We were also invited to read a talk about prayer called, "Improving your personal prayer by Elder K. Pearson" and it was powerful. I realized that while I have good revelatory prayers, they could be much better, more sacred and personal and powerful as well. This week I have been studying prayer more and applying the things I have learned. I would say that my prayers are already improving a great bit. I would challenge you to read the talk and do the same. I promise that if you do, your relationship with your Father in Heaven will grow more than you could hope for.
I hope you all have a great week. Love you all. :D
Easter weekend here was great. The speakers in sacrament were guests from the Ball State Institute and they did an incredible job. I loved their talks. I am grateful for our Saviors atoning sacrifice and Resurrection and for the work he did so he may heal us if we make the choice to turn to him. I love Jesus Christ.

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