Monday, April 3, 2017

Good morning my beautiful friends! I hope you are all doing great. :) This week was an excellent one. We found a super cool family of 4!!! Their names are Sam, Lisa, Samoan and Serenity. If you could all pray for them that would be amazing. Also pray for Samoan as she has sickle cell disease which causes a lot of pain. We are also working with another family of Cortez and Kesha. Kesha, in the past few weeks, had a son get killed. We are working on helping them overcome but they have a hard time letting us in with everything going on. But I know the message of the plan of salvation will bring them great comfort. Please pray for Kesha, Cortez and their family to receive comfort and feel of Gods love.
I hope you all have a great week, I love you all! :D
We had a great week here in Fairfield, Ohio! We are continuing to have a blast as we do the Lord's work. There are many times in missionary work where great things are happening and many times where everything falls through but as you align yourself with fulfilling your purpose of Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts or Teaching progressing investigators and finding new investigators you find exceedingly great joy in the work and in knowing your assisting in doing God's work.
We had zone conference this last week where we were "chastened". It was excellent. We learned a lot about chastening and how is it part of the divine attribute of humility. Well, being able to be chastened is a part of humility. It is how we may grow and repent to become new souls in Christ. Learning about this and the Doctrine of Christ is knowledge to treasure in our hearts because the impact is everlasting as we live it. There must be a sense of congruety between what we learn, teach, and live or our lives and teaching will have no light and power. But as we align ourselves with the will of God we find great joy and light in this life and in the future to come. We received an invitation to find 10 things to work on to further motivate and improve ourselves. I would give the invitation for each of you to find 2 things to work on.
Hope you have a great week, love you all!
Good afternoon my friends and family! It is a beautiful 65 degrees and sunny here in Fairfield, Ohio! :D I hope Utah is just as good.
This week was a lot of fun. We went on exchanges 3x this week, which is quite a bit. We did exchanges with the other Fairfield Elders, the Assistants, and the Spanish Elders. All of which were a blast and I learned lots from each of them. I wish I had more pictures to show.
Rasheen and Anna could use some prayers. They are doing better at keeping commitments but have missed church 3x in a row now. If you could pray for them to have the desire to go to church and also to read together and be able to see a desirable light in each other that would be much appreciated. :)
We also began teaching a lady, Collett, 2 weeks ago, who is super great! She accepted to be baptized on April 22nd but needs to show forth some repentance. So if you could pray for her to overcome sin and temptation and desire to attend church that would be beautiful!
You are all so good. I testify that your Father in Heaven loves and cares about each of you and he has provided a way for each of you to overcome and become like him. Have a great week! Love you all. :)

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