Monday, September 19, 2016

This week is going real well! There was transfers of course. Sister Tawzer left and we got Sister Lee. Sister Tawzer has been one of my favorite missionaries. That was my 2nd time being her district leader but Sister Lee seems really great and I am excited to have her here.  We lost Elder Nielson and Elder Quinn got sent here and I haven't had much communication with him yet, but have heard great things. Will get to know him more today.  Then for our zone leaders we lost Elder Blackburn and got Elder Tolbert who came out with me. He is a great missionary from what I can tell, but has a bit of maturing to do as well, but that is okay. He has a strong testimony and is a hard worker.
    (snippet from Presidentsemail)
Henry Sizemore has had his baptismal interview to be baptized on September 24 so we are excited! This past week he has had a total change of heart! We found out his eyesight isn't the best for reading, so we got him the cd's and he has been whizzing through them. We got them to him on Monday and he is already ending Mosiah, and he is retaining a good bit as well and is feeling the power and spirit that comes as he reads the scriptures. A cool experience and miracle though, was we started a fast with him. He started at 3:00pm on Saturday and we went over around 8 and he told us there was a point where he was really struggling and feeling withdrawal symptoms. Well he humbled himself and started praying to Father and was comforted and the suffering was eased immediately. He started to feel the atonement work in him. He was glowing and the spirit had filled his heart. He had the baptismal interview the next day. He is struggling to overcome smoking though, but has no desire as all to do it, but is fearful of the suffering from withdrawals. For the fast he had the feeling he was supposed to not sleep during the 24 hours so he stayed up all night praying and listening to some scriptures, came to church in the morning and had his interview. I love his willingness to be so diligent in trying to follow his fast, however it did tire him out and he did smoke a couple times. But is giving it a fresh go this morning and is excited and hopeful.
    We also had the privilege of Sister Welch and her grandson coming out teaching with us and it was amazing! She is so kind and loving, yet so bold and powerful in her knowledge and testimony. I could easily see her in some future time in a general presidency for young women's.
   It has just been a real good week and I am excited for the one to come.

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