Tuesday, September 6, 2016

So transfers are tomorrow and Elder Glad and I will be staying together. The other 3 companionship's in the district will be changing though. I am excited to see what wonderful people we will get in the district. I am excited to work with Elder Glad for another transfer. We work well together. President one time told me in an email, "You two work real well together. I bet Satan shakes in fear when you two wake up each morning." It made me laugh.
This past week was cool. We met 2 people from our ward that haven't had contact with the church in 7+ years and want to start coming back and want us to come by. Both of which were moving within the next 3 days. We now have their new address's so that is quite awesome! The Lord always looks out for his children. 
It hit me yesterday how wonderful testimony meeting is. You literally get to hear people share their heartfelt sincere feelings and experiences of what they believe and how they gained that testimony. The spirit is so strong when you recognize that. Also we got to witness Stake President Foister baptize his daughter, Maryann. Such a sweet experience. For the closing song we all sang, "I Know My Redeemer Lives." It was amazing! The spirit was so powerful as we all put our whole heart and soul in to it. We also got to get a ride home with our Stake Patriarch Garcia. He is a beautiful man. The spirit he carries with him is so wonderful. It was a privilege to be able to ride in his car for 10-15 minutes. Got to learn quite a bit. I'm very grateful.
It is interesting to see the changes that President Welch has been making. There have been quite a few changes. It is interesting. I am excited about the changes though. I know each and every one of them is inspired of God. Before Zone Leaders and Assistants to the President had tons of responsibilities and now they have few. Other than going on exchanges and being an example area, much of the responsibility is now on District Leaders. We used to have extra meetings like zone meeting and zone weekly planning where zone leaders do training's bi weekly and we would have morning scripture reading and nightly calls as a zone and those are all gone. Also for our weekly indicators that we would track there is only 9 that Preach My Gospel says to track and we tracked a lot. So the extra ones we recorded were Doctrine of Christ lessons, member lessons, in home lessons, member and other referrals, referrals taught in a members home, family home evenings, morning schedules (waking up on time), baptismal extensions and a couple others. Those are all gone. A lot of what is going on is he is changing to a lot more of a "higher level of accountability and trust" type thing. Similar to going from Law of Moses to when Christ came. President Porter did amazing and I honor all he did in preparing us for this change, but I am so excited for these changes. They will be so amazing! :D  There are also quite a few others but those are some examples.

He says you know you're in the ghetto when you see cars like this.

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