Monday, September 26, 2016

I want to say I love the Lord, he works in such mysterious ways you never know what he has on his agenda and if you follow the spirit you find out, and it is wonderful! We have been working with Pat Spurgeon, the lady whom your wife and grandson kimbal came to see and we felt we should invite her mother to take the lessons with Pat. Well, we followed that prompting and while in the lesson she was not to keen on the idea. So we spent some time asking inspired questions and made some observations and she opened up a lot! After asking to "make an observation" she opened up about her history with her deceased abusive husband. Which then gave us an opportunity to bear testimony on the Atonement. As I had been looking around the room trying to observe and read things better (goal I have been working towards) I noticed some Native American decorations and that she looked a bit native. I then asked her if she was native american and she opened right up! She then spoke of 2 native americans that live down the street and referred us to go see them. Well we did, and the lady opens the door and says "Well where have you guys been?" and told us to come in. Turns out she is a member who feels left out and forgotten because nobody has visited her. Only 1 lady knows where she lives (not on roster) and her phone number had changed. So because we chose to listen to the spirit we found out Gods agenda and we are now starting to re-fellowship and teach these 2 wonderful people! :D

I am grateful to be serving as a missionary and to be able to serve as a District Leader, to be able to watch carefully my brothers and sisters and see their growth is a joyful work. I love being able to serve in any way they invite me to and try my best to grow my Charity for each of them daily and to make sure they know that I love, trust, and care about each of them. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. 
Also as for Henry he is doing okay. He did not make it for his baptismal date and it really is working on him and his level of hope went down a lot. He is bipolar and Schizophrenic and is on one of his lows as he did not make his date but is still desirous to learn and grow. We are going to work towards building his faith and desire to be baptised and he will go for it again and make it this time.
I love you and hope you have a wonderful week! :D 
We also had a wonderful sacrament meeting this past Sabbath, we had 3 wonderful speakers. One of whom really shocked me, he is so mature and spiritually strong and powerful and knowledgeable in the scriptures already. He is only 19 and is preparing to serve a mission (mission delayed a year) and leaves to Poland probably in November.  He has 2 callings already. I believe he is a teacher in young mens, something in elders qourum, but also got his third calling yesterday as stake young mens secretary. Holy Cow! He will go very far in the church and do much great work if he keeps it up. 

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