Monday, August 22, 2016

This week was AWESOME!!! :P We were privileged to hear from President and Sister Welch at Zone Conference on Friday and it was amazing. The spirit that is to be felt, and the things to be learned, are so great when you open your heart and have desires to learn and seek righteous change in your life. One of my next steps I am working towards is focusing more and memorizing/learning the words of Christ better. So I will be reading 3 Nephi 11-29 or so a lot! And also focusing more on studying Preach my Gospel. As they of course, are both inspired writings and are supposed to be the focus of missionaries studies. :)  Henry is making much progress and much change. Please keep him in your prayers please. :) Also the Saylor family if you can too!
This morning we decided to try and use our dishwasher which we heard was broken but hasn't been used since either of us were here. And the dishwasher flooded the kitchen. Haha. Which led us to find, behind the couch, some recent but lots of mold growing. Yay! So we called in the maintenance guy. Thank goodness that happened because the maintenance here is slower than slugs! We have had in work orders for our dishwasher, a broken and clogged garbage disposal/sink for 17 weeks now and because this happened they finally came in. Haha. So that was our exciting morning. Saturday though we got to go watch the soccer game of cute little Aubrey, one of our members great nieces, who loves Elder Glad.

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