Monday, August 1, 2016

The new area is awesome!!! :D You wouldn't like it here though. Haha. We've met a couple homeless people already, a few heroin addicts and heard a few gunshots. It's quite the thrill being here,but no worries I feel completely safe. :) We were down in a ghetto part of town and this black guy says "dang, you guys are crazy to be walkin around this area!" haha! So exciting. :D We are in a place called the Twig. We are part of a ward but in a seperate building in downtown that we are trying to grow to be a branch. Our average sacrament attendance is 25-30 and the people are great!  Elder Steven Glad is my companion from Las Vegas. He was Elder Tyler Longmires trainer. He is the BEST!!! He is so cool. :D I love this guy! I do apologize though. I had taken quite a few pictures but accidentally left my camera at the apartment. I will get you lots next week!  I am a district leader currently and have a super cool district with some of my favorite sisters and Elders in it. :)
There is a more trashy part of town with a lot of white people and a more ghetto part of town with very few white people. The rest of the town is a mix of Mexicans, blacks and whites mostly. It's interesting. I am really glad to be serving here though. The people need a lot of help. And of course we are following the rules. Haha. Always! We need all the help we can get from God. The more we do, the more he will endow us with the power necessary to do his work. :D We are in an apartment and it's 2 of us in the apartment. There is 6 missionaries in the ward though. Elder Glad has been out quite awhile. He has 3 transfers left I think. 

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