Monday, October 12, 2015

Love This New Area

So this week was pretty good. I enjoyed it for sure! ;) So let me see if I can remember some cool stuff that happened. So yesterday we had this AWESOME Doctrine of Christ lesson/family home evening with some of our members. They all were participating so much, opening up, and bearing their testimonies and it was just a super spiritual experience that was full of the spirit and smiles. :) Ah! They are just such an amazing family! It was in the Hamilton's home but with the mother and cousins and aunts and whatnot there was 10 people there. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face then seeing families that are such you know,"That family". The kind that you hope your own family can be like in some way or another. Not too often do you meet families like that but I've met a couple on my mission and they are so great. :)
So we have quite a few investigators here in Elwood but they are terrible at keeping commitments. They have a lot of potential just never do anything to increase their faith or come closer to Christ. So we are going to have to teach a few commitment lessons this week and see what happens to help us find who we need to focus on.
Funny story: So we were asked last minute to teach sharing time in primary this week. It was about missionary work and the primary president asked the question (to junior primary), "What are some things we can do to help the missionaries?" And one of the little girls raises her and says,"We can help them get dressed!" Hahahahaha! Elder Searle and I just about died trying not to laugh. It was so funny.
So I totally ripped my pants the other day... Elder Searle had to take a call, so while he was on the phone I was pulling wheelies in the grass on my bike and wheelied over cuz I leaned back a little too much. So we started riding and I felt like my pants were getting caught on my seat. So I felt them and they were ripped all up the back! Haha! Luckily it just pulled the seams out so it was easy to repair. Thank you to Sister Anderson who repaired them for me! So that was an adventure. ;) But other than that we had another awesome family home evening around a camp fire with a recent convert family and a new investigator. That was a lot of fun! We talked about the Sabbath and then had a cool object lesson with ice cream. :) And Tyler and Levi (investigator and kid) were going to come to church but Levi started puking at 6am so they weren't able to make it sadly. :/
Anyways, I've only got 2 more minutes... But  I just wanted to let you know Mom, you are so amazing and I love and care about you SO MUCH!!! I miss you a lot and you have had such an amazing influence on my life. So thank you so much for everything. Being out here on a mission and seeing so many different families makes me realize way more how much of an amazing family I have and how blessed I truly am. Thank you so much Mom! Love you to death!

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