Monday, January 23, 2017

This week was a blast! Elder Tingey and I receive lots of opposition but we don't let that get us down and we are pushing forward. There have been miracles everywhere and it is wonderful as well! 
We are working with a lady named Laura. She is a champion! She has been reading and praying a lot and is loving it. She has come to church 2x now as well. When we asked her what she feels when reading the Book of Mormon she responded, "Thirsty for more". She also has said she feels her faith has grown a lot. A member had her over for dinner and called us afterwords saying that Laura told them that when she gets baptized she would like it to be in the Fairfield Ward. So much fun!
We have also been working a lot with members to receive member referrals. And we have been seeing some good success so far. It takes a bit of work and time, but the results are far better and more lasting normally than finding through personal efforts. Invitation: if you have people whom you love, help prepare them for the gospel by being their friend. You do not need to teach them the gospel. Let the missionaries do that. But provide opportunities where they can meet the missionaries so the missionaries can offer the gospel. It works. I promise!
Have a great week everybody. Love you all!

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