Monday, December 5, 2016

My week was amazing. We found a way cool new investigator named Ethan. He is a lot like J.C. Silotti. Just not a latter day saint. He is great! He even lives in an old Baptist church that was turned into a home. So his living room is a huge cultural hall. It's pretty sweet. Elder Westover and I are doing great. It was fun this morning. We went and received a free private kickboxing class from a member in our branch that is huge into martial arts and is extremely great at it!
We also had our first bit of snow for the year. That is quite exciting. :) 
Training is still a lot of fun. I am loving working with Elder Westover. It was quite funny. This morning Elder Ekpgaha came over and Elder Westover was in another room and I guess he has picked up on some of my language I speak or phrases so to speak. Elder Ekpagha heard Elder Westover say some of those things and said, "Ha! He is so much like you and even talks like you!" It made me laugh but I realized how much of an impact I do have on him and all those around me as we all do. It motivates me even more to want to do better, because I know that when it comes to being a husband, a father, and any sort of calling or other leadership positions I may be in, people will follow my lead and example. If I diligently read my scriptures, pray and go to the temple, my kids will follow. If I am kind and serve others, if I open the door for ladies and the elderly and others I love, my children and those close to me will follow that example. I won't even have to tell them to do it! Its great. :D Unless I am naughty. Anyways, always remember the impact your example has on others and be a light to the world. Love you all! :D

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