Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Conference was amazing! I loved it so much, so many great things to say, so much focus on the family. It was amazing! So many things said that everybody is struggling with that needed to be heard, especially with so many families being destroyed and falling apart. Also I loved the Love that Elder Holland showed to everybody. So many people struggle in knowing that God loves them and cares about them and it was super powerful. we found a couple of new investigators this week. One who is the sister of a returning member family we are working with. Her name is Eustra. So we will see if that goes anywhere. We have been working with Joyce who came to conference this week and thoroughly enjoyed it which is great. Tim has dropped us though. And p-days we typically do laundry, go shopping, email and maybe an activity for an hour or two. And if you ever have time eat lunch and dinner and write a letter or two. And yes I did buy the shoes and they are great! The bike is pretty good, its much better than old steel cheeks (old bike), the one pedal is being a little goofy. I may have to have it looked at I'm not sure, but the asthma has been much better since I have been using the steroid inhaler. Speaking of, I'm almost out of my inhaler and contact solution and soon to be allergy medicine and stamps as well. 
I apologize for not writing longer emails. I will try to do better. So I guess I'll start with my new companion is Elder Holman, he is 19 almost 20, he is from South Jordan Utah, he has been out a year and like 2 months. He is a great missionary and we get along super, he wants to be a novelist, he has a great sense of humor and is super fun to be around. One of his skills is speed reading and he retains a lot, he has read the Book of Mormon over 70 times since his mission and many other things.  As for me I am district leader and have been for a transfer and this is my second, it's a lot of fun but is a bit to juggle at times making so many calls and giving many commitments and follow ups. I have been doing really well, there was like a 2 week period where we weren't doing too well, we got dropped by like all of our investigators and nobody wants to talk to us and we don't have many people to teach other than like 2 investigators and members. But I am motivated again and doing well. In the mornings I am still working out hard. I had a 6:42 mile the other day. 
Investigators we are working with are Tim and Joyce, Tim is an older guy who has been investigating for like over a year, gone through 12 sets of missionaries, he is in Mosiah and has come to church 30+ times, he is on date for April 16 but is worried about not making it because of the word of wisdom. Joyce is an older lady who lost her husband in November and she loves the idea of them being able to be together forever through the temple. She came to church yesterday for the first time and is doing well, next time we see her we are hoping to give her a baptismal date. Less active families we are working with are the Biscardis and the Drollingers and Mitchells mostly. Sister Drollinger and her kid were reactivated last week but are still needing a bit of work but are amazing! Love em all to death. Umm.. I think that is it for this week?
I don't know if I told you, I can't remember, we had elder Anderson of the 12 come to our mission for a brief visit with the bishopric and 2 70's and it was great, super fun guys, spiritual experience.  As for more I am still loving the ward in Kettering and the members are great, love so many of them. They treat us super well and I appreciate very much all that they do for me. They all have had a major impact on me. What else would you like to know or hear about? What things should I go into detail about in coming weeks, that way I know what to update you on. The reason why I ask is because most things that happen are the same. Not too many big miracles to share about or super cool experiences that really stand out. its a pretty regular routine, service, preaching, waking up, sleeping, eating, finding a new person and getting dropped. Its all very similar when you live it every day. Don't get me wrong I love it and lots of great things happen that I love and enjoy like Easter with the Guerreros or service with the Duffy's or shopping with Brother Schaeffer or McElroy, but its a regular thing so I don't think to write about it. Anyways, hope you have a great week, love you! 

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