Monday, February 15, 2016

This week was great! Our investigator, Nathan, is doing really well and is getting closer to baptism. He's gone for a week at his ex step dads though who is totally anti mormon, so keep him in your prayers. But other than that he is super awesome. He is 15 and works so it's just a matter of getting work off on Sundays which will be the most difficult thing, and possibly quitting coffee.

Some members made us ribs and they were delicious! Just fell apart. Yummy!

But I'm being obedient and working hard. It's not worth it not to be. Things are going great with my new companion. He has read the Book of Mormon 10 times! Now that's impressive! He is a very hard worker so we make a great team! Did I tell you about how Elder Bennett told our mission we are the most obedient mission in the world??? Pretty cool stuff. The church headquarters called the mission this week to congratulate us on our obedience and change in driving since we have had the tiwis in our cars. 

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